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Xanax overdose- consequences and treatment

Xanax is a commonly used sedative drug for the treatment of various anxiety and stress related disorders in humans. This drug is also used in combination with many other medications for treatment of other ailments as well. Being a benzodiazepine class of drug it acts on the GABA receptors of the central nervous system. By binding to these receptors it slows down their effect on the body relieving it from all the effects of stress and anxiety.

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Some points to consider

Use of Xanax is made in various kinds of ailments and primarily in the treatment of stress and anxiety related disorders. There are no such side effects reported from the intake of his drug but you should follow some instructions carefully. The dosage of this drug is decided by the doctors on the basis of severity and age of the patients. Commonly a dosage of 0.25 to 0.5 mg for three times a day is advice to the patients. This frequency and dosage is the minimal permissible amount of this drug. For more therapeutic effects the maximum quantity of this drug that can be advised to a patient is 4mg in a period of 3 to 4 days with equally divided doses. There should never be any manipulation in the intake of this drug with prior consultation with the doctors. Any manipulation in the dosage on your own can lead to serious consequences.
Always pay attention to the health of the patient while using this drug. If any unusual change is witnessed immediately inform the doctor. For the treatment of the panic disorders there is an exception in the dosage. Under very seriously supervised conditions dosage of 1-10 mg of Xanax can be used for cure of panic disorders. Take care while using this dug at this quantity.
Xanax is used for treating panic disorders as well as anxiety. Just like other medicines, it might be possible that you overdose Xanax and this especially happens when you are unaware about the right dosage or take it without prescription. The various effects of this drug can vary depending upon several factors such as how it was taken, how much was taken and whether it accompanied other medications or not.
Taking Xanax in the prescribed form is an important consideration. Overdosing Xanax can result in serious symptoms such as breathing problem, slow reflexes and drowsiness. By combining Xanax with alcohol, you just increase the life- threatening symptoms of this medicine. There can be certain treatments for improving the overdose of Xanax and the most common of these include pumping stomach.

Symptoms of overdosing Xanax

The symptoms of Xanax can vary, as described earlier . Some of the common symptoms however have been reported among those who tend to overdose on Xanax. These symptoms include confusion, drowsiness, coordination problems, slow reflexes, coma, brea thing problems and in certain severe cases, loss of life too. In case Xanax is taken with alcohol or other medicines, its overdosing symptoms might increase as well. These can also affect brain considerably.

Treating the overdose of Xanax

Treatment of overdose of Xanax varies from person to person and as per different conditions. In order to pump your stomach, your healthcare provider might give certain other medicines or place the tube in the stomach. Flumazenil is an antidote which can be used for treating benzodiazepine overdosing and it can also be helpful in treating the overdose of Xanax. There can be certain other supportive treatments too and these include fluids passed through the intravenous line and certain other treatments which can be based upon the complications that ari s e in a person.
In case you have overdosed on Xanax, it is very important to seek medical attention immediately.